My Life-changing Decision of Switching from Numbers to Theory

So here I am…out of the comfort of high school and into the real world — having to make a life-long decision about the career path I will take. Was it a simple decision?- No. Far from it. Having acquired my high school education from one of a group of the best schools in the country, there is no doubt we were an attractive bunch to foreign tertiary institutions from neighboring countries and across continents and seas. This was a chance of exciting opportunities as I would finally be independent — well…not entirely since I would not be paying for my own tuition and a greater portion of my upkeep — but living as an adult away from home really. How exciting is that!

Fast-forwarding to a point later on from the initial excitement and some reality checks later, the reality was that there were no finances to sustain my education abroad. I did, of course, envy friends and acquaintances who would be starting a new chapter in a new land but then I remembered that it is important in life to do what they can and what is within one’s means, even though it may not be the very best alternative at the time. I also told myself that there are many more before me who have remained in the folds of the local institutions and have excelled. Even if I was the only one, who cares?

The search for other alternatives began and it was not easy. In the midst of my confusion and having already made a choice that it would be better to work and save up for my studies first, I had to consider online correspondence (which, to be frank, is not in line with my learning style), au paring programs and considering scholarships (which are slim options and usually not fully-funded for undergraduate studies), the list continues. I eventually registered for an Accounting program (although deep down, I’m not a whiz at complex numbers) and I took the step to move on from it after having studied for and written one module.

It’s a known fact that taking a leap and starting a totally new chapter can be mind-boggling but change is important. I took a walk and visited the nearest university campus offices to collect an application form and apply — the registration fee would sort itself out, eventually. Remember, I had not landed a job as planned nor had I any idea as to how my tuition would be paid. I guess this was the pure definition of James 2:26 that “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” I worked by faith and this should be enough to prove how much I really wanted to earn a university degree and turn my life around and steer it in the direction I wanted. Several phone calls, debates, an acceptance letter, and resource-gathering sessions later, year 1 semester 1 began for me and many others who have impacted my learning and growth process in their own unique ways.

In the midst of sharing these words, I really wondered where to start and exactly how much detail to include. Since I have started, I hope the process improves and gets easier with time.

Please respond and recommend my story if you feel you would like to learn more about my journey through university and studying Human Resource Management.



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Schooling & Adulting

Schooling & Adulting


Hi, I’m Sli. Continuous learning is a passion of mine and I’d like to share my journey with you. I also love food, travelling and reading great books.